Connecticut Luxury Home Builder - Tuccio Development.


Interior Redesigns by Tuccio Development

High quality workmanship and creative designs gives your living spaces style and elegance.

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Welcome your family and friends into your home with a grand and spacious entryway, with high ceilings and archways that offer views to the rest of you home.

Make a good first impression by embellishing this space with columns, metal work and elegant windows.

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Dining and Living Rooms

Entertain your family and friends in spacious dining and living rooms with wood paneling, light fixtures, wall paper, French doors and decorative ceilings.

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Libraries, Studies with Fireplaces

The warmth of oak panelling, a fireplace and shelving for your books, your library is a refuge, a place to gather your thoughs, engage in conversation, and savour your accomplishments.

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Basement and Family Rooms

Come the weekend, time to relax and entertain family and friends. Turn your basement into a highly functional and fun place to spend time, complete with a small kitchen area and plenty of floor space for games, dancing and socializing.

The perfect place to use bright creative colors that inspire fun and good cheer.

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Movie Rooms and Entertainment Areas

Home is where the fun is! Deck your home with the best of digital technology to provide movies and music in full surround sound and high definition screens.

Decked out with comfortable furniture, this room will be the focal point for your entertainment parties, whether it be college basketball, professional football or opera live form the Met!

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Master Bathrooms

The master bathroom provides a gracious yet comfortable place to spend your time. Incorporate large windows to surround yourself with natural lighting. Allow for plenty of clear floor space to provide maneuverablility.

Wall and floor treatments feature soft, soothing natural hues of green, yellow, blue and earthy colors.

Tile is available in marble, granite or limestone finishes. Larger tile sizes are gaining in popularity, with colored grouts for a touch of excitement and personal expression. Matte or textured tiles should be used to improve traction and prevent accidents.

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Showers Areas

Modern design trends call for large shower areas that can accomodate two or more people, featuring multiple shower heads and glass walls that provide plenty of natural lighting and a sense of space.

Add distinction to your showers and baths with tiling, ornamental borders and fittings that evoke old world opulence and class.

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Large bathroom spaces allow you to have one or more vanities to give you plenty of storage space for your cosmetics and personal grooming items.

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Add extra bathrooms in key areas of your home such as next to the mudroom and other entrances or guest areas.

Pedestal sinks, metal fixures for towels provide functionality with style.

Brighten up the space with decorative wallpaper, tiling and woodwork.